Five Places To See When You Go To Washington DC

Five Places To See When You Go To Washington DC

Did you know that you can book a trip to Washington DC, and in the span of just a few days, see some of the most impressive monuments in the world? It is the center of activity for the United States of America, and there are tours that can tell you all about its history. Once you have your vacation planned, and you are finally at your hotel, there are many things that you ought to consider doing. Here are five places that you certainly should consider visiting if you’re going to be in DC for at least a week. That’s go over what these tourist attractions are.

Government Buildings In DC

First of all, there are three government buildings that you really do need to see once you get to DC. First of all, there is the Library of Congress. This is the largest library that can be found in the world, and you can see portions of it when you go to visit. The US capitol building is the next place you should go. It is an impressive structure. It is adjacent to the Supreme Court, and many other government buildings, and these three are the ones that you should see while you are there.

Two Tourist Attractions You Should See

The first one is the Ford’s Theater. Most people do not know that this is actually in the DC area. It is where Pres. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated back in 1865, and right across the street is the Petersen House where he later died. The other place you should visit is the Washington National Cathedral. It is a sacred site, a place that many people come to worship. If you are religious, or even if you are not, you can marvel at the incredible architecture that is built into this structure.

It is also possible to take several different tours that will take you to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and you can drive by the White House and possibly take a tour. This is a place that has quite a bit of history built into the tourist attractions that are there, and this can benefit anybody that visits the DC area. If you only have a week to stay, these are some of the top destinations that are recommended for those that would like to learn a little bit more about this area.

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